Rob Gonzalez LMT

Rob, LMT

With 10 years of experience, Rob likes to fuse the relaxing, comfort-driven spa experience with muscle-specific techniques for a massage that is both indulgent and effective. Rob's passion for eastern massage and fitness training provides a deep and balancing session with a solid understanding of anatomy and how the body works as a whole. Rob specializes in deep tissue work and is certified in the Laura Norman method of hand and foot reflexology.

Rob is invested in helping his clients achieve optimal health and happily offers referrals within a cultivated network of holistic health care professionals such as personal trainers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and yoga instructors. Personally, Rob trains regularly and has a strong passion for exercise, especially calisthenics and weight training.

Carla, LMT)

Carla, LMT

Carla specializes in neuromuscular deep tissue massage. A careful analytical approach to massage, Carla’s style can be described as slow and specific; carefully working away knots and targeting specific problem areas. Originally from Portugal, Carla is also a volunteer for humanitarian projects. Most recently, helping orphanages and assisting with infrastructure projects in Mozambique. Carla is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Marta, LMT)

Marta, LMT and Reiki Practioner

Marta has 5 years of professional experience in New York City as a therapist. Marta's style is a fusion of medical massage therapy, energy work and sports massage. Marta uses myofacial techniques, Shiatsu and a very specific approach to making muscles more functional, increasing range of motion, releasing stress and energizing the mind and body. Marta also specializes in Reiki, chakra clearing and energy work.

As a dancer, yogi and performer Marta is also passionate about body education and teaches Anatomy classes for young actors. She is also willing to teach each client more about their own bodies through her work and post session "check ins". Marta also particularly enjoys working with other performers and athletes, pre and post natal clients as well as seniors.

Adrian, LMT)

Adrian, LMT and Personal Trainer

Massage therapy became Adrian’s passion after it played a major role in the process of his recovery from a seemingly debilitating injury. Adrian has a lengthy background as a personal trainer, and a thorough understanding of the process of rehabilitation. Adrian takes a comprehensive approach - with the application of massage therapy - in an effort to address discomfort and dysfunction. Adrian is well versed in a number of modalities including deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, sports massage and the application of kinesio tape. Adrian is also a New York City firefighter assigned to the Fitness Unit. Adrian is fluent in English and Spanish.

Ana, LMT)

Ana, LMT

From a very early age, Ana knew she wanted to become a licensed massage therapist due to her natural ability to help people. Ana’s deep, slow and fluid style of massage therapy stems from her focus on deep tissue and sports massage. Ana leads a very active lifestyle with her passion in weight training, soccer and snowboarding. Ana enjoys traveling, the beach, concerts and especially dancing. Ana is fluent in English and Spanish.

Frances, LMT)

Frances, LMT

Born and raised in Northern Ireland to a family full of athletes, Frances understood the benefits of massage from a very young age. Frances began her journey into massage therapy in 2006 after completing an international diploma in holistic massage. A subsequent move to the United States led Frances to massage school where she graduated with honors and a deepened knowledge of medical and sports massage, as well Eastern modalities. Frances’s style is mix of deep tissue and energy work. A new mom, Frances is also trained in prenatal massage.

When not massaging, Frances can be found running in Central Park, being a part-time yogi and most importantly being a mum to her son Mícheál.

Nick, LMT

Nick, LMT

Nick first began practicing massage on his grandmother at a young age. After realizing he had the gift of healing, he decided to pursue a career in therapeutic massage. Nick believes in tailoring each session towards the needs of his clients by using multiple modalities to get effective results. Nick's work doesn't end when the session is over; he always assigns clients a bit of "homework" to do between sessions.

During a session with Nick, clients will experience a blend of modalities such as Reiki, Shiatsu and Thai. While maintaining multiple points of contact a good amount of Yoga-like stretches combined with long, deep tissue strokes will assist in awakening the mind, body, spirit consciousness. Nick is also fluent in English and Greek.